A World in London 269 - Kedar Sharma Fri, 2018-07-20 18:30

Spiritual awakenings with singer/composer Kedar Sharma on this A World in London!

Delhi-born, Kolkata-raised vocalist/guitarist, Kedar Sharma, has been at the heart of India’s vibrant Rock music scene for many years, but since moving to London ten years ago, he’s immersed himself in the deep study at The Bhavan, London, the UK’s renowned centre of excellence for Indian Classical music. Kedar has just produced his first E.P. – Prathamang – which comes out on July 21st, and we take great pride at being the first radio show to air his new gift to the world. Prathamang means first limb, and it’s themed around an exploration of life, from birth to death, and beyond. Kedar’s powerful yet sensitive & versatile voice, merges beautifully with that of fellow Bhavan student Bilwa Iyer in a perfect union of Shakti-Shiv, and Kedar’swonderful arrangements comprising his acoustic guitar, plus tabla rhythms by Dhanraj Persaud Pandey, are mixed & blended finely by producerAnaam. Prathamang is a blissful collection of east/west Rock limbs stretching out into Classical territory, so when the full body of Kedar’s musical imagination grows into an album, it’s going to be exceptionally brilliant!

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ARTIST                                  TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Joji Hirota                   Akita                           Japan/UK

JI LIU – CHINA/UK: Rachmaninov  Spring Waters

Ms. Mohammed          Alibi                            Trinidad/UK

Citybeats                    Dallik Malak              various

Victoria Hanna          Aleph-Bet                   Israel

Catarina Dos Santos  Caminho                     Portugal

Nes                              Ahlam                         Spain/Algeria

Viguela           Arrimate, Pichon, a  Mi         Spain

Kedar Sharma            Shakti Shiv                  India/UK

‘           ‘                       Shrishti                        ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Maya                           ‘           ‘

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