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A World in London 263 - Djanan Turan Fri, 2018-06-08 16:45

We were joined by our live guest, Djanan Turan, who us about her support work with Middle Eastern refugee children in Turkey. She also treated us to a couple of live songs, accompanied by the sensitive playing of Fred, her guitarist/musical partner.

Originating from Adana, south Anatolia, Djanan has lived in London since 2001. She has performed regularly at UK clubs and festivals, and is one of the movers in London’s underground music scene, with her unique style that flows from reggae to psychedelic folk via disco. Her voice is unmistakeable, and her self-composed songs have a beauteous melody.

Sophie Darling and Norman Druker sat in for DJ Ritu with a regular mix of new tracks, interview and live music.


Addictive TV (UK) – “Kora Borealis”

Bantunani (France/Congo) – “Mystic Boogie”

Yiddish Glory (Canada/Ukraine) – “Misha Tserayst Hitler’s Daytchland”

Oi Dipnoi (Sicily) – “Scottish”

Djanan Turan – “Dunya”

Djanan Turan – “Brother”

Djanan Turan – “Lemon”