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A World In London 238 - Addictive TV Fri, 2017-10-27 11:47

Globetrotting duo Graham Daniels & Mark Vidler have been cutting & pasting clips from films & TV into miraculous montages of sound for the last 10 years. As ‘Addictive TV’ their talents are in demand across the world taking them to huge stages at major festivals like Sfinks, WOMAD and Musicport. Their new album – ‘Orchestra of Samples’ – sees the duo evolving further into an exploration of creative goodies from musicians all over planet Earth, resulting in some of the best muilti-cult dance music you’ll ever hear. ‘Orchestra of Samples’ is out now on CD and a brilliant double vinyl limited edition packed with pics, facts, and profiles. This is a must for my club record box and quite simply addictive listening! Their next set of live shows are coming up in Paris but if you can’t get there then catch them on this AWIL!

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