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A World in London 231 - Da Lata Fri, 2017-07-14 13:02

Cutting edge music pioneers Da Lata on this A World in London!

It’s been a thrilling ride with Da Lata since composer/producer Chris Franck and Kiss FM DJ Patrick Forge first conceived their London Afro Brazilian project back in 1994! Along the way, illustrious vocalists and musicians from over three continents have joined the expandable duo on stage & in the studio, and their last album, the fabulous Fabiola, featured greats like Luisa Maita, Dennis Rollins, and Mayra Andrade. Another contributor was kora maestro Diabel Cissokho, who Chris recently stayed with at his family home in Senegal, soaking up griot tradition and hospitality. It was an inspirational experience which will be processed through the brilliant mind of Chris and his infinite skills as a gifted multi-instrumentalist and songwriter that conjures up sensitive as well as soaring sounds for many artists, plus hits for his previous bands – Batu, Smoke City, and Zeep. Some of the magic is already making its way into the roots of Da Lata’s next album – scheduled for release next year, so listen in to this AWIL for some exclusive previews, the voice of Adriana Vasquez, and, a reminder of why Chris Franck is such an exceptional talent in our musical midst.

ARTIST                                  TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Joji Hirota                   Chikyu                        Japan/UK

Rio Mira                      Agua               Colombia/Ecuador

Ramon Goose + Justin Adams   Futa            UK

Monoswezi                  A Je                 Norway/Mozambique

Punjabtronix              Jugni                           UK/India

Nina Miranda            Whole of london        UK/Brazil

Alhousseini Anivoll     Tamejaradetin           Niger

Herve Samb                Thiossane                    Senegal

Da Lata                      Cambara                    UK

‘           ‘                       Boboletta                   ‘  ‘

‘           ‘                       Places We Go             ‘  ‘