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A World In London 211 - Bernard O'Neill - IRL Fri, 2017-02-24 18:20

Wonderful to welcome back Bernard O’Neill to this A World In London! We last met in 2010 on a memorable bitter cold night at Bush House, when Bernard and Nick Dubulah shared music, tales, and food recipes from Damascus, connected with their superb Syriana project. That radio programme was also unforgettable because of other reasons: A World In London had just been given notice to quit by the BBC, the beautiful historic World Service building we were in had been sold off to create more luxury UNaffordable housing, and, Syria itself was on the brink of being reduced to rubble. Since that fateful and ominous AWIL, we’ve stayed in touch, yet I’ve always thought of Bernard as being simply a double-bass player. As we found out this Wednesday, he of course has many more strings to his bow, and came into the SOAS studio fully loaded with a new double CD – ‘Terraforming In Analogue Space’. Lovingly conceived, painstakingly pieced together by Bernard, Nick, and journalist Robin Denselow, the album absorbs fifteen years of IRL’s back catalogue, featuring originals and remixes by some outstanding global music shakers n’ movers. Think TinariwenLo’Jo, and The Malawi Mouse Boys, just for starters, and then imagine remixes by Transglobal Underground, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, plus  more, spread onto a two-disc beauty! In other good news brought by Bernard to this AWIL, Syrianahave just been given the green light by Real World Records for a follow-up CD! The future looks bright!


ARTIST                                  TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy           Sabla Tolo IV              Egypt/UK

Mokoomba                 Kumukanda               Zimbabwe

NAMLO                       Kauda                         Nepal/UK

Joji Hirota                   Through The Hourglass  Japan/UK

Ali Azimi                     Find Me Tomorrow    Iran/UK

Tamikrest                   Mawarniha Tartit      Mali

La Mambanegra        Puro Potenkem         USA/Colombia

HAMSA                        One Note Sirba          UK

Nawal                         Salama                        Comoros Islands

Justin Adams              Desert Road – Dub Colossus mix  UK

Lo’Jo                            Sur Des Carnet – Syriana mix  France

Terakaft                     Djer Aman – Afriquoi mix     Sahara

Tinariwen                   Quala Hila – TGU mix           Mali


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