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A World In London 203 - Vandana Vishwas Thu, 2016-11-24 17:14

Award-winning multi-talented music artist Vandana Vishwas on this A World In London!

We first encountered Vandana Vishwas via AWIL in 2013 when her 2nd album Monologues received rave reviews acoss the world. Her 3rd release, Parallels, follows suit, already raising intercontinental eyebrows to rapturous applause and bringing her over to the UK for some debut concerts! Vandana’s journey through music, from Mumbai to Toronto, is an epic and fascinating one, supported along the way by her steady guitarist and marital muse Vishwas Thoke. Together, they are lapping up the planet and its musical treasures, filtering all through an Indian perspective, and Vandana’s sweet songbird voice, inspiring compositions, and diverse arrangements. On Parallels, you’ll hear flamenco, African drums, and twanging country-music banjos. Sample this veritable superwoman right here on A World In London!

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‘ ‘ Hum Gum Huye ‘ ‘
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