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A World In London 200 - Ranagri Fri, 2016-11-04 14:19

So many tracks these days revolve around an ‘Ooh baby’ sample – looped, pasted, and disposable in our Spotify- Snapchat times. Is this really all there is? Baby. But then a band like Ranagri roar gallantly to the rescue, with Gaelic roots, bansuri flutes, harp, bodhran,  golden harmonies and the voice of Donal Rogers, entwined around some good old-fashioned SONGS. There’s a fresh treasure trove of these on their new album ‘Voices’, a perfect accompaniment to glass of wine by the fireside, to warm the cockles of your heart and coax you through winter, until the hares and daffodils return in Spring. By then the talented song-writing team of Eliza Marshall, Jean Kelly, Joe Danks, and that man – Donal Rogers, will be back with a new CD including a cover version of Del Amitri’s ‘You’re Gone’. Hear an exclusive preview of that on this AWIL – our 200th edition at SOAS Radio – and thank your lucky stars that Ranagri are on a roll and feeling prolific, because with real songs like these, all is well in our world.

ARTIST                                  TRACK                                                   COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy                      Sabla Tolo IV                                  Egypt/UK

Wayna Picchu                           Tarmenita                                         Peru

Varldens Band                         Revolution         Sweden/France/India/Senegal/UK

Bana Likasi                               Mado Zaina                                       Kenya

Bafula                                        Langurutolu                                 Gambia/UK

Amira Medunjanin      More Izgrejala Sjajna Mesecina               Bosnia

Ranagri                          The Rhythm Takes You Back               UK/Ireland

‘           ‘                                         The Hare                                           ‘       ‘

‘           ‘                        The Snow It Melts The Soonest                     ‘       ‘

‘           ‘                                      You’re Gone                                         ‘       ‘

‘           ‘                              The Wrong Direction                                 ‘       ‘