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A World in London 198 Thu, 2016-10-20 18:15

Time to turn on the heating, or, turn up the volume on our global winter warmers! New albums from Luisa Maita, Bonga, and Dhafer Youssef in the mix, an extract from fRoots Magazine’s compilation by Alsarah & The Nubatones, plus your essential Goin’ Global Gigs Guide on this AWIL with DJ Ritu & Adriana Rozario!


ARTIST                                  TRACK                                                   COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy           Sabla Tolo IV                          Egypt/UK

The Klezmatics           Zol Shoyn Kumen..                 USA

Gaye Su Akyol            Akil Olmayinca                      Turkey

FLUX                           Night Tide                              UK/USA/India

Mu Mbana                  Padja Pa Farfari                   Guinea-Bissau

Joyce Moreno              My Favourite Things              Brasil

Bollywood Brass Band + Jyotsna Srikanth   Rakkamma..  UK/India

Dawda Jobarteh        Our Time In Tanjeh               Gambia/Denmark

Joji Hirota                   Suisei                                       Japan

Luisa Maita                Na Asa                                    Brasil

Dhafer Youssef           Fly Shadow Fly                       Tunisia

TEYR                           Banks Of the Newfoundland  UK

Bonga                         Tonokenu                               Angola

Alsarah & The Nubatones     Eros Elneel                  Sudan