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A World in London 195 - Vesevo Thu, 2016-07-28 12:44

So it’s time for the Summer break at A World In London but on this last show at SOAS Radio before the holidays, Italian folk band, Vesevo popped into our studio! A fleeting visit as they rushed over to Bloomsbury from Gatwick airport, but every second of our ten-minute encounter counted! A chance to chat about their first London gig, their brilliant album filled with the dance of Tarantella, and their name inspired by the lava from Napoli’s infamous ‘mountain’. Vesevo will be back in the UK soon, and so will A World In London, so feast your ears on this show, brimming with musical global goodies until we speak again in September!


ARTIST                                  TRACK                                                   COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy           Sabla Tolo IV                          Egypt/UK

Nii Okai Tagoe           Sumo Eh-ngo                          Ghana/UK

Katerina Mina                       Hymn For Cyprus       UK/Cyprus

‘           ‘                       Rainbow of Light                   ‘           ‘

Local artists                Na Po                                      Hawaii

Skanderband             Qifti                                         Italy/Albania

Tamer Abu Eh Azaleh           El Ghareeb                 Palestine/Egypt

Vieux Kante               Saradia                                   Mali

Adzido                        Digba                                      UK

Elektro Hafiz              John Dere                               France

Etienne De La Sayette          Maputo Queen           France/Mozambique

Burak Malçok            Aşk Çıplak                              Turkey

Mosaic                         Lulunia                                   Poland

Vesevo                        ‘O Rre Rre                              Italy

‘           ‘                       Catarina                                 ‘           ‘