A Brief History of UK Dance Music: Jungle/Drum and Bass Wed, 2018-02-14 13:56

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The Criminal Justice Act of 1994 pushed the outdoor free party rave scene indoors, into licensed
spaces. With this change, the unified movement fragmented into constituent genres. With a much
faster tempo, lots of chopped up drum breaks, and ragga samples jungle was the most prolific
genre of the mid 1990s.
Surrounding the music was a vibrant record shop, pirate radio and vinyl press house culture that
brought to light many new talents, and fostered the London based genre through the 1990s. Joined
by Smiley Maxx from Off Me Nut Records we’ll be taking you through for an hour with some of the
seminal tunes from the jungle era and showing how it changed over time to drum and bass.

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