A Brief History of UK Dance Music: Grime & Beyond. Wed, 2018-03-14 19:44

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UK Garage’s failure musically, and physically to provide a space for London’s most disenfranchised to express themselves invoked the start of the sound that became known as grime. Forged on pirate radio stations, and captured on low quality video cameras, grime represented the sound of the streets of London in the early  2000s. At this time it was not known under this all inclusive term, some calling it sub-lo, eskibeat or nasty sound. Joined this week by George Cocks and Arsalaan Khan, we will be taking you through some of these controversies, and as all ways playing the tunes that show the genre progressing.

Grime has received a recent resurgence since 2013, which has seen the sound evolve once more, taking on elements from a wider range of genres. So it seems fitting to end off the series with a half hour of tunes and artists, from the wider ‘grime umbrella’ that are getting or should be receiving allot of hype in 2018 and in years to come. Thanks for listening.



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