A Brief History of UK Dance Music: Dubstep Mon, 2018-03-05 19:42

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Evolving from 2-step garage, the earliest distinguishable sounds of dubstep emerged from Croydon, South London in the early 2000s. Cultivated in the legendary Big Apple record store and championed by the FWD>> events dubstep rapidly gained national and international acclaim. Initially the focus was on capturing the darkest and and most sinister elements of UK Garage, making them heavier,  and playing at a double speed rhythm, providing sufficient time in-between each beat for you to contemplate if your chest was about to shatter to the serious sub-bass. Moving forward,  dubstep took further influences from dub music, hip-hop, jazz, techno and today even trap, to become a seriously diverse genre with a breadth of sounds, that to an extent has been over shadowed by the mainstreaming of the US ‘brostep’ of artists like Skrillex.
Despite falling out of the mainstream in the early 2010s dub-step as a genre is still massive in the UK underground music scene with parties by record labels like Deep Medi and Bandulu happening on a regular basis.

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