A Brief History of UK Dance Music: Bassline Tue, 2018-02-27 17:36

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With the decline of UK Garage in the early 2000s several new sub-genres emerged, one of them being bassline. Taking on the 4×4 beat of speed garage bassline surged in popularity especially in the North,  gaining notoriety for its absurdly wild parties and wobbly ridims. This week joined by the Hob-Wublaa we will be taking you through some of our favourite tunes and talking  all things bassline, trying to give you a taste of the genre that so many Northerner’s hold dear to their hearts.

Like most genres we have been discussing, bassline eventually became associated with anti-social behaviour, even coming under attack from the Sheffield local council. Nightclubs were shut (most notably: Niche nightclub, where the sound originated) and playing bassline in a public place became a chargeable offence! Luckily the sound lives on with new artists up and down the country, and lively scene existing in the North, Midlands and even the South West.

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