A Brief History of UK Dance Music: Acid House/Hardcore Sun, 2018-02-04 15:41

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This first episode takes a look at the origins of UK rave culture, as always playing the most prolific tunes from the period, as well as talking about the big parties, the key artists and labels that were involved in the scene.
In the late 1980s US imported acid and Chicago house caught the attention of thousands of young Brits, who were looking for escape from the mundanity of the Thatcher regime. These new ‘raves’ characteristic of what became known as the ‘second summer of love’ in 1988, revolutionised the way the UK approached dance music. However this new hedonistic space came under much media scrutiny, due to its association with drugs, lawlessness and its opposition to Conservative Britain.
Over the next few years the scene continued to blossom with UK artists emerging, capturing this acid sound, and incorporating in new elements. With a new focus on sampled drum breaks, while still maintaining the 4×4 drum pattern, breakbeat hardcore gained popularity in the rave scene early 1990s. Some people argue that these glory years ended with the introduction of the Criminal Justice act in 1994, but this new style laid the foundations for Jungle music and UK garage which dominated the next decade of dance music in the UK.