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Fri, 2019-01-11 10:51

Norman Druker & DJ Ritu peruse the best new global music offerings for 2019, including CDs by Dub Colossus, Kel Assouf, and Zaz! Plus there’s the essential Goin’ Global Gigs Guide to Londontown!


Joji Hirota Akita Japan/UK

The Sages Anticipating Dawn China/Ireland/Czech Republic

Howard Blake The Snowman Sountrack UK

Dub Colossus Dr. Strangedub UK/Ethiopia

Shuva Das The Core UK/india

Kel Assouf Tenere Niger

Heart of the Dragon Ensemble Crossing Lake Dongling China

The Savage Rose Homeless Denmark

Dissidenten & Mohamed Mounir Ali Sotak Germany/Egypt

Kinnaris Quintet Gortavale Rock Scotland

Bablu Nain Bondhu Premiker Kandari India

Zaz Demain C’est France

Ali Hassan Kuban Sukra Sukra Sukra Egypt

Ustad Saami God Is Pakistan

AWIL Goin’ Global Gigs Guide: Thursdays Ray Carless Quintet @ Empire Bar, Jan 11 Raka @ Balabam, Jan 11 Arsen Petrosyan @SOAS, Jan 11-13 Welcome To the Forest – various in Walthamstow, Jan 13 Rebetika New Year Celebration @ Green Note, Jan 13 Shirley Smart @ Green Note, Jan 15 Arsen Petrosyan & Lori Secanska @ Green Note, Jan 16 Jenny Bliss Trio & Arsen Petrosyan @ Tuned In London, Jan 18 Nadine Benjamin in Tosca @ St. James’ Piccadilly, Jan 19 Shirley Thompson & Orchestra of St. John @ Kings Place, Jan 26 Kuch Kuch Bollywood Nights @ The Alice EC3A, Jan 27 Bassekou Kouyate @ The London Jukebox, Jan 31 Yaz Fentazi Trio @ Ismaili Centre…more at

9/1/19 – AWIL 283. Also this week supreme soprano Nadine Benjamin at Resonance, click: Next week duduk master Arsen Petrosyan at SOAS and Amaraterra at Resonance FM. #AWorldInLondon is podcast on #Itunes & #Mixcloud: A World In London – #thesoundofdiverselondon #connectingculturesthroughmusic – THIRTEEN YEARS! Live on Wednesdays, 4pm, from SOAS Radio: and AWIL at Resonance 104.4fm at 6.30pm, repeat Monday 8am, online, DAB & on Resonance Extra 5pm Wednesdays. Production by #DJRitu, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, Lucas Keen, and artist Alban Low. Join us on Twitter & Instagram @aworldinlondon Twitter:@djritu1

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