Hackney Globetrotter 218 Thu, 2018-06-07 15:16

Hackney Globetrotting SOAS radio show 218

1. V obore, SHQ , CZECH UP! VOL 2: WE’D BE HAPPY (Supraphon and Panton labels), Vampi Soul

2. Happiness, Jonathan Jeremiah, A Solitary Man, Island Records

3. Big Things Come In Small Packages, Foster Sylvers, Foster Sylvers, mr Bongo

4. The Call of the Wild and Peaceful Heart, The Cookers, The Call of the Wild and Peaceful Heart

5. The Bridge, The Last Poets, Understanding What Black Is, Studio Rockers records

6. Mumudey Mumudey (Natureboy Flako Remix), Ebo Taylor, mr Bongo

7. ATIZA Y ATAJA, Supremos , ATIZA Y ATAJA, Vampi Soul

8 .Si I Bon Di I Bon, LE RY-CO JAZZ , An Island Story: Biguine, Afro Latin & Musique Antillaise 1960-1972

9. Extra Musica – (Uproot Andy Bololo Edit), Etat-Major , Bumper to Bumper, Bandcamp

10. Pa que se lo gozen (JavierjoeK & Medina RMX), Tego Caldaron. Soundcloud

11. Angoulême, Metá Metá, MM3. Red Bull Studios

12. Ora Lê Iê O, Metá Metá, Metá Metá, Desmonta Records

13. Plim, Plim, Plim. Plim Music (Sergio Machado)