Music Editor Internship

Volunteer Vacancy

Position: Music Programme Editor

Posts available: 2

Areas: Media, Development, Technical support

Type: Unpaid 4 hrs Weekly



The music programme editor (MPE) is responsible for coordinating and stimulating the production of quality music programmes by individual presenters and collaborators. The MPE will also have an overview of the general body of music related content produced by the station and how this can be transformed into further programme commissioning.

The MPE will oversee the development of the live music strands with a view to creating the best platform for incorporating live musicians in the station. There will also be a need to develop the station’s music library that will be used for broadcasting purposes.


  • Ideally some previous experience working on radio, music archives or publishing.


  • Regular contact and engagement with music programme presenters.
  • Commission research, production and recording of new music programmes, based on suggestions by editorial committee and management.
  • Keeping track of the online “programme proposal” forms (from the website) Give presenters / producers support material and work with them in the kick-off and development of individual programmes.
  • Liaise with SOAS concert series producers and other contacts provided by the management in order to commission recording of live concerts, interviews or specials.
  • Liaise with management and provide them with information on the programmes being made for its inclusion in the station’s regular programming schedule.