Audio Producer

Volunteer Vacancy

Audio Producers are responsible for sourcing and creating quality speech programmes. Audio Producers will research, coordinate and record programmes for our ongoing shows The Language Series, Regional Spotlights, and The Community Radio Podcast as well as conduct interviews and produce one-off specials.


  •    Ideally some previous experience working on radio or any other media. Keen writer’s welcome. Experience in writing or producing for radio, films, newspapers or blogs.


  •    Contact students who are native speakers to interview for the Language Series Podcast
  •    Research current affairs content in regions Asia, Africa and Middle East to produce Regional Spotlights
  •    Get in touch and interview independent radio stations abroad for the Community Radio Podcast
  •    Research interesting SOAS students, projects, staff and events to interview or report on
  •    Find other relevant topics and themes to create radio about
  •    Liaise with Audio Editors and Station Manager to ensure a smooth production process

This is an unpaid position, requiring 4h commitment weekly.