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SOAS Radio would not exist without the support of its dedicated volunteers. To date many of the duties associated with developing the station have ranged from coordinating volunteers, running the studio and radio desk, fundraising, editing, program making and web-design. Training can be provided in all fields, and we have well-established systems, so please don’t feel daunted if you are a complete beginner, a willingness to get involved and be dedicated is enough!

Training Signups:

Current student? Signup up for introduction to studio training as well as editing training here.

Call for Volunteers 2017-18 Internship Programme

Every year we recruit a host of talented, driven students from all departments and degree levels to work in the operation of our dynamic web-based radio station. Whether your are interested in the day to day operations of a radio station, marketing and public relations, audio editing, archiving experience, graphic design, broadcast journalism or production there are many opportunities available at SOAS Radio for you to pursue your passion. Not only will you gain relevant experience, but you will be contributing to the overall goal of providing relevant education and musical programming to our many listeners world wide!

The internship posts require a minimum commitment of 4 hours a week with flexible time schedules from October 2017 – July 2018. These posts are open to all SOAS students. 

These posts are ideal for anyone committed and interested in developing skills and gaining experience in the field of Communications and Media. 

SOAS Radio is currently seeking the following volunteer posts:

Application process 

Send your CV and cover letter by email to with the subject line “INTERNSHIP: POST NAME, YOUR NAME”.
Deadline is 4pm Friday 6th October 2017. Interviews to be held the following week. 


Call for Presenters:

SOAS Radio is seeking to recruit presenters with specific show ideas based on the fields that SOAS covers. Have an idea for a great radio show? Get in touch with a one paragraph blurb about the show itself (and tell us why you’re interested in that topic separately). Please keep in mind that studio time is at a premium so we cannot offer every show proposal a recording slot.

Email your proposal to:

SOAS Radio is currently recruiting presenters to develop and produce: Music shows (country/region or genre specific), Documentary programming, Current Affairs programming, Foreign Language programming

We are also recruiting people to take on and continue the following shows:

SOAS Radio Development Communications Internships

During the summer of 2013 three students from SOAS Radio completed a development communications project in Accra, Ghana with a sexual health and gender equality NGO. One project manager and two radio editors conducted a training programme in recording and editing for radio and a pilot radio drama was produced with a group of women from the community. This pilot was aired on FM radio in Accra during the project and included live phone-in interactions, where people from across Accra called to take part in the show. The project focused on the role of communications in raising awareness about women’s rights, HIV/AIDS and gender equality. For more info take a look at the project blog – For more information on new projects please visit

Opportunities for CISD students:

For students studying at the Centre of International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD), SOAS Radio offers a media internship, covering CISD conferences and guest lectures. For more details please see,11478823  

Requirements for All Volunteers:

The only thing we ask of potential volunteers is to dedicate a few hours a week to the station, and to be reliable. Although we understand the pressures of being a SOAS student all too well, it isn’t too difficult to manage your time effectively, and we have had plenty of issues with people who don’t turn up or turn up late disrupting the smooth running of the station. Because of this we reserve the right to drop the show/replace those who repeatedly fail to turn up (on time) without letting us know first.

Benefits for Volunteers:
Plenty of those who have moved on from the station have been back in touch to let us know how useful their time at SOAS Radio was in getting them a job, and we find that those who put the time and effort in do reap the rewards of SOAS Radio when it comes to eventually finding a career, regardless of what industry they find themselves wanting to move into.

If you are interested, then drop us a line at

PLEASE NOTE: Volunteer and Presenter posts are available for SOAS Students and Alumni only.