Urban Echoes: Episode 5 - Changing Tides

Jee has recently raised a complaint against the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for homophobic, racist and transphobic abuse. In this episode, they reflect on a journey of resisting a white institution, and how this intersects with their family's living under an authoritarian government back in...Read more..

Urban Echoes: Episode 4 - Put Your Price Up

In this episode, we meet with Emily, a former sex worker in London. Emily shares her experience of the profession, and invites us to look beyond what both the demonising and the glamourising aspects of popular media want us to believe.     Songs: Kokoroko - Abusay Junction/We...Read more..

Urban Echoes Episode 3 - Dick & Venus: Fuck Me In The Ear

Dick Twitch and Venus Flytrap introduce us to the stimulating world of audio porn and to their first project as a duo, "Fuck Me in the Ear". They also ran a workshop last April at the London Porn Film Festival inviting participants to create scenarios, sexy stories and stimulating noises. Be...Read more..

Urban Echoes: Episode 2 - Mr B. and the Teaching Factory

Urban Echoes Episode 2 In this episode, Mr B. tells us about being a teacher in London and the difficulties that schools and students are facing in the current socio-political landscape. Helped by a bottle of whisky, Mr B. navigates through the memories of his childhood and school life in...Read more..

Urban Echoes - Episode 1 The Dust of Cairo

The Dust of Cairo Urban echoes wants to share the voices of London that are often drowned out by the hustle and bustle of the big city. By sharing honest, intimate and uncensored portraits of London's souls, this podcast aims at discovering, and connecting the life bubbles shaping our big and...Read more..