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A World in London - Episode 60

Philip Knox dropped into A World In London with a record bag of rare vinyls from former Yugoslavia. After raiding flea markets in Bosnia, Serbia, and Macedonia, Philip and Nat Morris are set to release a ground-breaking album early next year. 'Stand Up People' will shed light upon long-forgotten Roma gypsy pop songs from the 'golden age': Tito's era 1960 to 1980. Hear an exclusive preview of this unmissable album and how it was made on this AWIL!

La Yegros Viene De Mi Argentina
Yasmin Levy & Concha Buika Olividate De Mi Israel/Mallorca
R.U.T.A. Sonce Poland
Invisible System Grazela Heart UK/Ethiopia
Abdou Diop Fadam Senegal
Mehmet Akbas Sadi Kurdistan/Germany
Sonora Dinamita Eco En Stereo Colombia
Perunika Trio Na Horoto Bulgaria/UK
Mulele Matondo Afrika Prophecy D.R. Congo/UK
Esma Redzepova Pjesma Seher Sarajevu Macedonia
Bedrije Misin Mo Vogi Dukala Serbia

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