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A World in London - Episode 59

Invisible System’s Dan Harper, the original pioneer of Anglo-Ethio grooves gave a formidable interview on this A World In London. In Somerset & London, his early musical heroes were Bow Wow Wow and Adam & The Ants but a sense of affinity with Africa drew him to Mali followed by Ethiopia. There he established a recording studio and worked with some of the greatest East African artists of our time. ‘Melkan Kehonelish’ in today’s playlist features the voice of octogenarian singer & world music award winner Mahmoud Ahmed. Look out for Dan’s superlative sounds on The Rough Guide to Ethiopia CD, and on his new live album ‘Live & Raw (Roar!!!)’

Klezmafobia // Kartushnik // Denmark
Staff Benda Bilili // Libala Ya Mungwa // DR Congo
Tribali // Freak Street // Malta
Arjun & Priti Menon // Teri Meri // UK, India
Maya Youssef // Touta // Syria
Yasmin Levy // La Nave del Olvido // Israel
R.U.T.A // Drobna Drabnica // Poland
Habib Koite & Eric Bibb // L.A. // Mali, USA
Frikstailers // Guacha // Argentina
Invisible System // Melkan Kehonelish // UK, Ethiopia
Invisible System // Dark Entries // UK, Ethiopia

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