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SOAS Radio and Biso na Biso Radio in Northern Congo

SOAS Radio has been involved in the setting up of Biso na Biso, a community radio station for the Forest People's in Northern Congo-Brazzaville. We have visited Congo in 2008 and 2009 to help in the setting up of the studio and provide training in editorial control and programme production and content management.

Radio Biso na Biso is the first community radio station to broadcast in the 15 indigenous languages spoken in the FSC-certified concessions of Congolaise Industrielle des Bois in Northern Congo-Brazzaville. In addition to celebrating these unique cultures, oral traditions and musical styles, the radio station gives local indigenous people a platform to discuss and learn about the issues they face in the context of industrial forestry operations, and about the need for the company to obtain their free, prior and informed consent to operations in their traditional forest areas.

Biso na Biso is recruiting journalists from each indigenous group in the concession to produce programmes in local languages that speak to peoples concerns and interests. This video shows one of these journalists, the Ba'Aka Paul Aboyo, alias Mandero, journaliste internationale, making one of his first programmes for Biso na Biso.