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Seoul System Episode 7

The Seoul System team celebrate winning a basketball competition. Music-wise they take a look at Leo Kekoa's past and present situation, and asks the question have Korean hip-hop artists gone soft?...

One Way – Leo Kekoa / L.E.O.
Big Shining – Flamini (ft. Crave)
Dead Phone – 리쌍 LeeSsang (ft. Rado, Ali)
Work It Out – Fiasco
One Nation – Snipersound (ft. MC Sniper, L.E.O., 배치기, Illinit, Outsider, 취랩, DJ R2, Bone Thugz-N-Harmony)
Sol – Primary Skool (ft. TBNY)
Turn Off the Light – Rhymebus
Sign – Leo Kekoa / L.E.O. (ft. 이현도 aka D.O.)
Put a Condom in Your Pocket – The Musium Project (ft. 양성, DJ 짱가)
Doo That – Primary Skool (ft. Jinbo)
Let Me Say Goodbye – Bobby Kim

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