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Nordorama: Series 2, Episode 1

Come one and all! Take some time to bathe in the Nordic audio-spring of Nordorama. The new series kicks off bumper-sized, as we hear from Harvey's road trip from London to Norway in 'Getting Punkt'. This week, he heads to Copenhagen to attend Strøm Festival, chatting to its chief, and a priest taking part in an experimental electro church service. We also hear a track from an artist who played a set on Copenhagen's subway, and music from Kakkmaddafakka, Nude On Sand and Kenton Slash Demon.


Drø Sø - Kakkmaddafakka
Julie - Sacred Harp
Chameleon - Therese Aune
Enough With The Breathing - Nude On Sand
Ore - Kenton Slash Demon
Oak - Mai Ane Pil
Way Out - August Rosenbaum
Dealing With Stress - Clouds
Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere? - Just Another Snake Cult
Visur - Hamrahlíðarkórinn (The Hamrahlið Choir)

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