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Nordorama: Episode 8

A double helping this week, as Harvey Bruce chats to Linn Andrea Fuglseth from Trio Mediæval and jazz trumpeter Arve Henriksen before their joint performance in London; another great example of the myriad Norwegian collaboration projects. If this isn't enough for you, there's some hip hop from Sweden and Iceland, a track from Siri Nilsen's new album, and some music from The Sugarcubes.


Segertåget - Maskinen
Töntarna (Familjen remix) - Kent
Cosa Say - Original Melody
Atlantic Ocean Blues - BARR
The Troparion Of Kassiani - Trio Mediæval
Gjendines Badnlat - Trio Mediæval
Etter Gudmund Eide - Berit Opheim Versto
Before And Afterlife - Arve Henriksen
Opening Image - Arve Henriksen
Hodet, Hjertet Eller Magen - Siri Nilsen
Birthday - The Sugarcubes

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