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Movimientos Aji Pa Ti Special

Cal Jader is joined in the studio by guests Aji Pa Ti - the Bristol based band with a refreshing acoustic Latin sound combining their Colombian, Cuban and UK roots. Preceeded by a selection of Cuban and Colombian beats old and new.

Juan Piña Y su Muchachos - La Nena (Analog Africa)
Palo - Lengua Larga
Son Yambu - Mujer Majadera
Giovanni Imparato - Cuentame (Sunlightsquare Records)
Ondatropica - Donde Suena El Bombo

Aji Pa Ti in the Studio

Aji Pa Ti - Aji Pa Ti
Aji Pa Ti - A Las Mujers Como Yo
Aji Pa Ti - Cuando Te Vi
Aji Pa Ti - Live track

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