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Distinctive and evocative singer-songwriter Reem Kelani on this A World In London!

For World Radio Day 2014, Gerry Jackson, the founder of SWRadio Africa speaks about her work in the field of radio and the challenges the profession has presented. Originally from Zimbabwe, Jackson faced extreme opposition from Mugabe after opening the first independent radio station in the country. After being forced to shut down her radio station after only 6 days Jackson came up with the idea to set up shop in London and broadcast back to Zimbabwe.

For World Radio Day 2013, Mohammed Tahboub summarises the history of the changes and development that radio went through in the Arab world, from political prominence to to cultural prominence.

In Arabic: Worldwide an estimated 6000 languages are spoken. About 60% to 80% of these languages are endangered, meaning that they might not be spoken in 100 years. Ensuring the preservation of languages can improve the quality of education, maintain cultural diversity and support nation and identity building. In this audio clip, Samah Bushra Yousef talks about the example of bilingual education in Burkina Faso and its positive impacts.

Zhongdong Wave is a show talking about Middle-East culture, and presented in Mandarin Chinese and English.

The first episode introduces Yemen, a mysterious Arabic country. In this episode we cover from Yemeni traditional food, coffee, qat, architecture,to religion and tales.

Khyam Allami looks at Classical Arabic music, and key figures at the heart of Arabic music since the mid-20th century.

1.Artist: Simon Shahīn (Simon Shaheen)

Taqsim on Violin

Album: Turath

2.Artist: Fairūz (Fairouz)

Title: Sa’alunin Nās

Composed by:
Ziād al-Raḥbāni