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Winter break has begun and while we scramble to finish our essays on time, the anime spirit of fun still continues and so we approach the holidays with the "genki" spirit of our anime alter-egos! In the time it takes to make and eat a bowl of instant ramen, Kash, Anthea and Rice get together with a few special guests to wish you happy holidays! Siro-A says Merry Christmas!

Ed Emery's Revolutionary Radio Show

Revolutionary Radio Episode 9

December 2014. This one's for Darcy. Ethnomusicology in action. Happy birthday!
A little something to round off the year. Some good harmonies, a bit of humour, and a realistic dose of anger. That’s the way we build these programmes. And the same with our music-making at SOAS. Good news: the first of our “Arabic Music Sessions @ SOAS” was a wonderful success. These sessions will now be happening monthly. If you want to join the mailing list, write to: ed.emery@soas.ac.uk

Three members of SOAS Radio's production team stayed on after the End Of Year Special to play a few of their favourite songs, which had absolutely nothing to do with the festive break.

Featuring: everything from House to Jungle, and beyond.

Talented singer/songwriter Roshi featuring Pars Radio was our guest on this A World In London, bringing her experimental and hi-tech wizardry of Iranian influenced sounds to the show! See her live at the Oval Tavern in Croydon on January 22nd!
Also on this A World In London, a round-up of CDs by some of the amazing artists who have been on the show in 2014 – it’s been an outstanding year for awesome interviews and live sessions produced in conjunction with Cultural Co-operation.
AWIL at SOAS Radio takes a short break now till January 14th and we wish you a very merry festive season and thank you for all your love & support this year! See you in 2015!

The 2014 End of Year Special from the SOAS Radio team.

This show features an eclectic mix of the songs from around the world, hand-picked by the SOAS Radio team here in London. As well as our favourite songs from the last year, there are also a few classics, and even a Christmas song or two!

Tune your virtual radios, check out, and enjoy this extra-special festive broadcast.

Hackney Globe Trotter 2014 - End of year special. How do you cram a year into a hour? Impossible but here is a little selection of the highlights of what has been played on the show this year including best gigs, best album, best comp, best dance track etc. Thanks to everyone who has supported and to SOAS radio for providing an amazing platform. Looking forward to 2015.


Not exactly full marks, but its a Global Glitch clean sheet ten show run in the bag for Madera, and the last for 2014. Thanks to Carlos, Dan & Miia and all the SOAS Radio team for making it happen!

For a special end of year show Cal Jader presents a rundown of some of the best Latin albums of the year with music from Cuba, Honduras, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, the UK and Europe amongst others. From roots to electronic beats and bass - the diverse Hip Hop styles of Ana Tijoux and Criolo to the big hitters like Calle 13 and Jorge Drexler. Plus music with a Caribbean lilt from Aurelio and plenty of Brazilian representation with Dona Onete, Russopasso and the Goma Loca project plus a track from the compilation of the year 'Kafundo Vol1'.

Be transported to the streets of Montevideo with this live recording of Guillermo Rozenthuler's Candombé band.

Behind The Music Special featuring music from the new album by Kasse Mady Diabate launched at SOAS on Monday 24th November.

How can activists use the arts to engage youth in the fight against corruption? Alice McCool interviews Lucky Ronald Menoe (Corruption Watch, South Africa) and Robtel Neajai Pailey (SOAS PhD researcher and children's book author, Liberia) to find out.

This episode is an introduction to Korean traditional instruments. It features the common types of instruments people are likely to see from Korea all over the world. These instruments are also representative instruments of Korea, so sit back and enjoy the wonderful sounds of Korea.

SU Current Affairs Lecture Series

Developments in India since the mid 1980’s signify the breakdown of consensual politics and the ideal of composite Indian nationhood. Communal animosity has corroded the social conscience, contributed to a disregard of human life, and led to the decay of a reliable criminal justice system. Radical rhetoric these days covers all shades of the political spectrum - the reality today is that extremism is a mainstream phenomenon. We need to rediscover the virtues of moderation.

A talk and rally in the run up to the National Demonstration for Free Education, to discuss the impact of neoliberalism on education and how we can transcend the current education system, abolishing financial and social barriers and creating an education system that is not just free in terms of not having fees (for international students as well as home students), but that is also democratic, representative, inclusive and supportive of all students and staff.

SOAS SU Current Affairs Lecture Series

The chaos in Iraq has its roots in the fractured state building project brought about by the occupation of the country. This event invites former Coalition Provisional Authority officials and experts to discuss the repercussions of the statebuilding project in Iraq.